New TJPP5 game announcing (days before the developers)

Русская версия

Good evening, data collection here! We have something new on TJPP5.

Yesterday Jackbox Games announced an announce of the third game of upcoming The Jackbox Party Pack 5. While they’re waiting for the weekend, we’re activating our «Russian Hackers» skill and ready to say something. Meet the Mic Drop… Mad Vice Verse City!

Earlier (the game was a bit different) we wrote, that this game is all about rhymes and punchlines — it could be rap edition of Quiplash 🙂 While we’re waiting for more information and working on Pack 4, take a quick look at personnages:

Now to the second good news. We’re finishing the russian version of Guesspionage, and our skill (mentioned earlier) helped us to unlock additional personnages. Our version will include 24 different personnages (compared to original’s 16 — 50% more!). More personnages — more tough choices — more slowpoke friends, wow! (The reason, why they’re not enabled by default, is to be asked soon in Fibbage 3).